About Correigh

Correigh Killick and her musical partner Ben Amesbury both hail from Buckinghamshire. Correigh, who comes from a very musical family had been singing and writing songs with her two sisters for as long as she can remember. After studying musical theatre in 6th form, she made the natural progression and joined a band, and then another band and then…

In the summer of 2013 the pair were introduced via her younger sister. The connection was immediate and a working relationship quickly formed. They began to collaborate on songs that Correigh had already written, as well as tracks that Ben had been creating in his studio. The eclectic mix of their different influences was clearly special, and Amesbury’s vast experience as a recording engineer working for many years with the likes of ‘The Magic Numbers’, was an invaluable component to the raw ideas that Correigh put forward. Similarly, Ben’s deep and hard edged tracks benefitted from her pop sensibilities.

A 3 album deal was signed with the newly founded “Delete” label in early 2016.

Like all great collaborations, their congenial approach and individual tastes result in Killick’s unique delivery and Amesbury’s tasteful production gelling together effortlessly. Whilst listening to some of the cuts from her debut album, due for release later this year, it is clear that neither singer, nor producer, show any interest in being pigeonholed.

The orchestral strings, thick, propulsive bass lines, and cold syncopated drums give way to soulful pianos and funk guitars reminiscent of nineties West Coast Hip Hop. The vocals are dark, yet poppy, but never saccharine.

At times, the sounds of iconic groups such as ‘Everything but the Girl’ and ‘Massive Attack’ are echoed. The songs are augmented with minor lilts, staccato vocals and near old-skool breakbeats; making this a tastefully original, and well thought out record, complete with a heavy dose of attitude…

While Killick draws for inspiration from artists as diverse as ‘Delilah’, ‘Evanescence’, and ‘Portishead’, (to name but a few), Amesbury’s ever evolving beats and creative programming inject her music with a refined modernity, that leaves you feverishly searching through your music collection, trying to identify the DNA. Just file under ‘Unique’.

Lyrically, her songs can be challenging, but the darkest of subject matter is softened with the purity of THAT voice, and vice versa. In fact, Juxtaposition is prevalent throughout. Unsurprisingly, Correigh has chosen an obscure selection of existing tracks to be de-constructed and re-invented. So much so that they would sound at home with her own songs, and could have been written only yesterday. The result is the first EP ‘Under the influence’ which was previewed this summer in IBIZA , UK & EUROPE.